HR Management

WCGB Human Resource Zone

A virtual “Library of Congress” on everything Human Resource, benefits and compensation including:

  • National Human Resource discussion forums
  • National/State/County salary database
  • State-based regulatory analysis
  • White papers
  • Survey information
  • 1000s of work-savings tools







WCGB Human Resource Communication Center

WCGB HR Management System is a Human Resource communications system that streamlines and improves sharing of information between Human Resource managers, the agency and optionally, the employees.

In addition to the Human Resource Research Zone, the Human Resource Communications Center includes:

  • Benefit plan details, documents and comparatives
  • Document management
  • Employee issue management
  • Service and claims support





Human Resource Management Systems

An A-to-Z Human Resource Management System (HRMS) that offers employee-level tracking and all the features of the Human Resource Communications Center and Research Zone.

The Human Resource Management System serves as:

  • A complete employee communications and management center
  • An enrollment solutions tool
  • Your new hires processing and payroll integration solution
  • Time-off and leave management
  • Payroll integration






Human Resource Management Systems are quickly becoming a necessity for all business who wants to comply with employment regulations, properly manage employees, be informed of new laws and keep employee informed as required by law.