Public Works

RCW 39.04.010 defines the term “public work” to include all work, construction, alteration, repair or improvement other than ordinary maintenance, executed at the cost of the state or of any municipality, or which is by law a lien or charge on any property therein.

  • Public Works is any work funded by Federal, State or Local government monies.
  • Public Works can include such things as: mines, schools, hospitals, water purification and sewage treatment centers, etc.
  • Public Works consists of public facilities and infrastructure, as well as related services and support systems required to meet community needs.
  • Public Works is facilities constructed by or for government and quasi-governmental agencies; often used in conjunction or interchangeably with the broader term infrastructure.
  • Public Works is structures (such as highways or schools or bridges or docks) constructed at government expense for public use.
  • Public Works are the construction or engineering projects carried out by the state on behalf of the community.