Small Group

Small employer groups today are faced with more and more administrative compliance issues when it comes to offering their employees health benefits. At West Coast Group Benefits, we represent all the carriers and can provide a variety of options that fit your needs. Small employer groups don’t always have the resources to deal with today’s complex world of health insurance and associated compliance issues. At West Coast Group Benefits, our goal is to provide the navigation and services you need as a small employer group. From basic benefits comparisons to complex HIPAA issues, we are here to assist you.

Our HR Management package allows you the ability to completely manage every aspect facing a HR administrator today. The package also contains employee information tracking to eligibility. Ask about this option for your company.

In addition West Coast Group Benefits has a dedicated service staff to help assist you with every need. From claim questions to eligibility, West Coast Group Benefits has an experience staff to assist you at any time.

Group Benefits are changing all the time and it is hard to understand what might fill the unique needs of today’s small employer. West Coast Group Benefits specializes in matching your needs with today’s available options. Let us help so you can concentrate on what’s important to your business.